Future, law, education and technology: WoW, have we forgotten something?

BILETA Conference 2016 invites individuals to attend and participate in its topical discussion on the future of law, technology and legal education.Papers are welcome from academics, researchers, practitioners, postgraduate students, those in business or practice and anyone else with an interest in these areas.

Do we need more, less or no laws to regulate the digital environment? Is legal regulation the only way to regulate ‘cyberspace’? Is regulation and enforcement on the Internet by the market acceptable? Can law, regulation and politics keep up with future technologies? Is legal education balanced with regard to the use of new technologies? Does technology improve our legal education and access to knowledge?

Key areas for conference streams include:

  • Privacy and surveillance
  • Legal education, regulation and technology-enhanced learning
  • Intellectual property law and technology
  • Cyber crime and cyber security
  • Internet regulation
  • E-commerce, m-commerce and e-governance
  • Telecommunications law and regulation
  • Future technologies and law
  • Sustainability, technologies and law

Paper submissions has NOW CLOSED.