Papers can be submitted in PDF or Word format. There is no set length or style for papers (past conference papers can be seen at It is not expected that papers are at a publishable stage at this point. However, the draft must demonstrate a high level of academic rigour.

The copyright in papers remains with the author, and we encourage authors to rework their papers after the conference for a more polished journal publication. After the event, Google Workshop papers are not available on the website, unless agreed by the authors. Authors’ drafts are works in progress and we do not publicly release these writings, nor do we publicise them (no Tweeting, blogging, etc.).

There will be no PowerPoint/Prezi presentation in the PhD workshop, as the workshop is discussion based and papers are presented by commenters. Each paper will be allocated a maximum of 30 minutes. Commenter will briefly present the main arguments/points of contention of the paper and this will be followed by a discussion.